I Believe – Review 2017

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As the theatre filled, so did the air of excitement on Sunday 12th Nov, as cast members, friends and family eagerly found their seats at The Middleton Arena. The audience was awaiting the performance of “I Believe”, an original play written by director Kate Entwistle and musical director Kathryn Thomas. The play focuses on a young girl called Grace (Lilly Lamb) who is temporarily placed into group foster care as her mother recovers from an illness. Along with her foster friends (Evie Parker, Rhea Howarth, Seran Howarth) and her faith in God, Grace and company uses the oldest and most reliable navigational system (second star to the right, and straight on till morning) to travel with a flutter of fairies (Claire Roach, Lauren McCulloch, Grace Lloyd, Ruth Godwin) to Neverland and go on their own awfully big adventure. Lamb portrayed the kind-hearted Grace with ease whilst giving glimpses of sorrow as she longed to be reconnected with her Mother. Lilly channelled Grace’s pain as she impressively belted out her own version of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Supermarket Flowers’ with rapturous applause. Daniel McQueens confident first entrance as the adventurous Peter Pan excited fans, as younger members pointed with awe at his spiked glittery hair. McQueen alone had the magic of talking and interacting with his audience, conjuring the lively Lost Boys to appear on stage and delivering direct cheeky one-liners. A convincing and sarcastic doubting Thomas, played by Matthew Roach, was found in foster child Seb (short for Seb) as he decided to accept his fate as a lost boy and stay behind with Peter and his gang, even though he might not receive reliable 4G. Beautiful dances included a smiling trio of ballerinas (Paige Jordan, Mia-Jane Jordan, Mya Woods) as well as toe-tapping large chorus numbers including “So What” and “Live While We’re Young”.

Other memorable performances included a sweet solo by mesmerizing mermaid Holly Clancy, and a sprinkle of comedy by the young Emily Brett as Stink, played with Mancunian sass.
Tom Clancy played Rover the boy-dog who finally found the courage to use his words instead of his barks to express himself, as well as a melodic rendition of “Guiding Light”, an original song composed by John Ronan, assistant musical director and written in collaboration with Kids Praise.

Audience were wowed with a series of stunning backcloths which appeared from the flies on the large proscenium arch, suggesting magical locations including the Lost Boys’ hideout (played by Samuel Lloyd, Jonathan Niranjan, Ben D’Costa, Sophie Bouttell) and Captain Hook’s (Katie Seddon) somewhat dim-witted manned ship by his pirate crew (played by Fleur Parker, Harriet Leech, Hannah Branchflower, Charlotte Astley, Shaan Baker).

I enjoyed the show and loved all the cast members, they’re basically like a second family to me. I’d like to thank the directors for reminding us that having faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see” said cast member Lilly Lamb.

These young performers did a marvellous job of bringing the play from page to stage and from the sounds of things they enjoyed every last minute. 

A highly recommended play for all the family as the audience is left with the message: “If you have faith, you’ll always find your way home”


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