Privacy Policy

Using Photographic Images of Children

This page explains why we need to ask for your consent to any photographs that may be taken of your child while he or she is at Kids Praise. Generally, photographs of children for Kids Praise and family use, and occasionally for publication in the local Press, are a source of pleasure and pride and so are to be welcomed. However, we live in an age in which technology has vastly increased the use, and potential misuse, of photographs. In the recent past there has been concern about the possibility of a child being identified by a photograph in the Press, or in the filming of a Kids Praise event, in case they are put at risk of being targeted for abuse.

The Kids Praise policy

Our policy is to broadly follow the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) advice: “If the child is named, avoid using the photograph.If the photograph is used, avoid naming the child.” So we will not use children’s full names alongside their photographs in the Kids Praise’s own printed publications, in video films or on our website. However, your child’s first name may be used, and their full names may be given in group situations where they cannot be linked to individuals in the photograph.

With regard to the Press, Kids Praise will allow local newspapers to take photographs of children, when appropriate, provided that parental consent has been given. Some newspapers insist that children’s names must be published with their photographs. If not, they may decline to cover Kids Praise events. Therefore we will normally give the children’s full names (but not addresses) to newspapers. That is why it is important for you to tell us whether you have any objection. If you do object, Kids Praise will not allow your child to be photographed by the Press. (Please note that Kids Praise will seek an undertaking that a child’s name will not be used if their image is put on the newspaper’s own website.)

Although it is fairly rare for television companies to visit Kids Praise, your consent for newspaper photographs would also apply to television images. However, children’s names are normally not given on television and we would seek specific permission from you if your child’s name were to be used.